Automatic License Plate Reader

IVISS Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR)

Future Visions Inc. offers the most intelligent ALPR system to ensure safety and security of access controlled areas


  • High performance 95%+ ACCURACY Plate Recognition System
  • Infrared (IR) LED Illumination Synchronized Image Capture and Control
  • Clear Images Day or Night and During Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Built-in Motion Detection Sensors and Accelerating Hardware
  • Detects & Captures License Plate Information at Vehicle Speeds up to 120 Mph (250km/H)


  • Terminal Automation
  • Content Loss Control and Management
  • Asset Loss Prevention
  • Automatic Recognition of ISO6346 (BIC), MOCO (Montan Container) & Dimension Codes
  • Time Saving & Accuracy in Data Entry, Automating ISO6346/ MOCO Code Reading
  • Automatic Brightness Control Optimized for High Resolution
  • Color Images and Compressed Live Video Streams
  • Real-Time Imaging with Zoom and Play-Back Capabilities
  • Auto Day and Night Switch
  • Hardware Independent Technology
  • Vehicle Speed Recording
  • License Plate Color and Country Determination